Health Care Reform

I believe in health care for all because you can’t place a value on an individual's life.

  • Keep our workers safe.
    • We must ensure that all of our health care workers and employees serving the public have personal protective equipment (PPE) they need to stay safe. We need to rely on the expertise of our National Guard to strategize and mobilize our efforts to create a surplus of equipment. We must collaborate with local businesses so they can maintain enough stock to distribute to our health care workers and community.
    • Allow for sufficient recovery time by creating a separate leave balance when medical staff become ill with COVID-19. Similar to the inclement weather policy.
  • We support HB 4001 – Essential Worker Pay
    • Requires Director of Oregon Department of Administrative Services to study development and administration of program to make payments to essential workers for services performed during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Keep our communities safe.
    • We must ensure that testing kits and PPE are available to Oregonians at no cost during this pandemic.
    • Promote proactive preventative measures, such as mask mandates and social distancing until we have managed community spread with a 90% full vaccination rate to limit the spread of COVID-19, especially during surges and the emergence of new variants.
    • Continue to engage communities to listen to their concerns and provide them with scientific data. We will not alienate people for their beliefs and we will continue to provide protection to all.
    • Implement the new 988 call system and crisis response. Appropriately fund and engage partners to provide the best equitable care for Oregonians facing behavioral health challenges. Develop and fund processes that will assist in transitional services for people to continue to receive care.
  • Provide equitable opportunities for accessing healthcare.
    • Expand access to community health centers and behavioral health treatment.
    • Improve access to care and assistance for a continuum of care.
    • We must ensure the state has enough diversified staff in the medical field to provide care to all Oregonians and provide affordable and equitable education for people who want to serve in the medical field.
  • We support HB 4052 – Improving the health outcomes of Oregonians impacted by racism.
    • Requires Oregon Health Authority to provide grants to operate two culturally and linguistically specific mobile health units, as pilot program, to serve priority populations with histories of poor health or social outcomes.

Sign into law a Medicare for All, single-payer, health insurance program. I will ask the legislature to provide me with a bill that has been approved by the task force within my first 100 days.