Government Agency Reform

I believe in advocating for our workforce.

  • Rewrite state agency Human Resources (HR) Department mission statement and policy to no longer mitigate risk to the agency, but rather do what is in the best interest of Oregonians.
  • Consolidate Human Resources Departments
    • Focus on streamlining equitable practices that include recruitment, onboarding, retention, training, and leadership development.
    • Place HR under supervision of the Department of Justice to lead investigations and correct leadership on appropriate implementation of diversity, equity, and inclusion practices and expectations.
  • Fix the state’s system of benefit eligibility determination so that backlogs of medical coverage, food stamps, child care assistance, and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) don’t continue.
  • Ongoing training on cultural humility, implicit bias (including biases based on race, gender, sexual orientation and identity, religion, ethnicity, and class)
  • Create paid oversite committees to work with departments within our government. All oversite committees report to the governor. Oversight committee will establish networks throughout the state to coordinate efforts to engage community on program implementation and solutions to current system. Agencies will implement strategies that the oversite committee brings forward and will work in a collaborative approach to discuss desired outcomes.