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My name is George Carrillo. I’m a proud father, husband, veteran, and Oregonian. I’m running for governor because health, housing, and opportunity shouldn’t be determined by your background, location, and privilege. Necessary changes can only be made by those who understand the power dynamics of oppression and be able to identify it in current state systems. 

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"Choose to unite as one Oregon." ​

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George Carrillo

We need leaders that will allow and create accountability through community based expectations. We need leaders who can place their egos and biases aside. Leaders who understand that it is not other’s responsibility to manage their feelings, but their responsibility to bring community to all of our platforms through collaborative approaches.

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This campaign is funded by you.
Not the wealthy and well-connected.

I refuse to assimilate to a dominant culture that perpetuates harm to those who are marginalized

Health Care Reform ​

I believe in health care for all beacuse you can't place a value on an individual's life.

Government Agency Reform

I believe in advocating for our workforce.

Criminal Justice Reform

We can't justify the safety
of some and not all.

Immigration Reform

We must all have the opportunity to access resources and thrive without fear of persecution.

Climate Change

Climate change is a global emergency, we must take action.

Housing for All

I believe in housing opportunities for all Oregonians.


Our children are our future, we must invest in their education.

Tribal Relations

We must respect and honor our Indigenous communities.

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